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There is another way...

corporate-controlled, debt-fuelled, fossil-burning workhouseLIFE is a new political movement. We understand that a future worth living requires structural change.
Instead of tinkering, we believe in facing the real problems with practical solutions. We will push power and money down to our local communities, so we can deliver affordable life services to everyone. Guaranteed basic life for everyone, so everyone is free to work at what they love.

We have a clear and detailed policy framework that builds proper society and democratises the state. Knowing sustainability and equality must go hand in hand, we have answers to the anxiety and insecurity of modern life and solutions that trust in people, empowering them and practising an everyday politics of love and compassion.

If you don't want to live in a corporate-controlled, debt-fuelled, fossil-burning workhouse, you will need to make a different choice. It's time for change, proper change. We can't wait till 2020 or 2030, we need to start changing now. Love LIFE, vote in 2015.
Join us! Get involved now, click here to register & keep in touch. 
Also, please help build the case for change by completing an anonymous WellFair Value Survey (click here) now.

LIFE is movement of people who give their energy, their time and their effort to make everyone's lives worth living. We'd love your donation, but more than that we need your commitment to proper change. Let us know what we can do to help you organise in your community and stand a candidate in the 2015 General Election, we are here to support you.

First new economic model in 100 years

First new economic model in 100 years, and the only option to NeoLiberal Puritanism on offer today. 

Investing in the infrastructure for universal social safety creates a more dynamic, lower cost economy that is fiscally, socially and environmentally sustainable with low growth.

Common sense for Proper Change

It may not feel like it right now, but we are in desperate straits, and in need of radical change if we are to maintain the society that we have built over the last 300 years.

Britons deserve the right to choose a proper solution at the next general election, and that is why we have formed the LIFE Party.


What LIFE is proposing is simple, a radical evolution.

If we provide each other with the basic necessities of life,
free of charge and without means testing,
we will remake our economy and come into balance with our environment.

That's it. This one simple change will bring growth to our economy, sanity to our public finances, and joy to our lives.

The emperors have no clothes!

Why start the LIFE party? Does the UK need a new political party?

YES!  We all know about the problems we face, and their magnitude: we are living beyond our means, barely getting by as it is, and facing waves of change in the coming decade that will challenge every human society on Earth.

WellFair Value Survey

Thank you for participating in our survey about the value of WellFair services to you. Your input will be vital to establishing a new direction for economics, politics and society.

This survey will only take you about 2 minutes, and can be completed anonymously. Please ask your friends to fill one out too.

We have to solve the real problems

The real problem is that we are not running a working system.

  • Not economically or financially. 
  • Not socially. 
  • Not environmentally.

Economically we are not balancing our books, and using debt to plug the gap. And we are paying millions of people to do nothing, in a society were simply existing is expensive, financially and environmentally.

Socially we are not nurturing the cohesion, understanding and specialist skills we need.

Environmentally we are not moving off fossil fuels fast enough.

WellFair Survey

It is evident

It is evident that the UK is in a difficult situation. Much of what we consider to be our "way of life" is hanging in the balance, which is why our politicians seem so uncommonly aligned to a very similar course.


The generation with the jobs, the 'final salary' pensions, the mutual fund accounts, the second homes and the cheap driver's insurance. The free bus pass, the winter heating allowance and the holiday in the sun. The reason why music and art is still dominated by the 60s, 70s and 80s. And, most importantly, the slavish obedience of cow-towing politicians.

Broken democracy in Westminster

We are trying to run a modern country with an old and out-dated democratic system.

The principle of local representatives being sent to Westminster may have been appropriate in 1850 but it is outrageously ineffective today. MPs come mainly from party lists, they do a marginal job of representing their local constituents in national parliament, and they do a disastrously useless job of providing oversight and debate on national policies.


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